Video: Exploring Leiden: Famous for its Rich Cultural Heritage, Picturesque Canals & Historic University

Leiden is an historical city full of charm and character, a perfect place to explore on a bicycle, or simply stroll the banks of the pretty tree-lined canals. Leiden is known for its historical buildings, canals, and vibrant cultural scene. It’s home to one of the oldest universities in the country and the birthplace of Rembrandt.

Guests take a tour of the city and a private boat trip, with the tour leader explaining the history that dates back to Roman times and more recent sites such as the church, St. Pieterskerk, from which the pilgrims departed for America. Then Free time to explore the many local cafes, boutique shops, markets and antique dealers.

Leiden is famous for its:

1) Esteemed Leiden University, known for its academic excellence and research achievements.
2) Being the residence of Pilgrim Fathers before their journey to America, playing a key role in the founding of the United States.
3) Rich cultural heritage, including influential painters like Rembrandt van Rijn and various artistic institutions.
4) Picturesque canals, windmills, and historic buildings, often referred to as “Little Amsterdam.”
5) Significant contributions to scientific and medical fields, with renowned scientists and a highly regarded Medical Centre.
6) Thriving business and innovation ecosystem, housing biotech, pharmaceutical companies, research institutes, and start-ups, promoting entrepreneurship and creativity.

We visit Leiden during our spring cruises in Holland aboard hotel barge Panache. See the full itinerary here.

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