Video: Cruising the Canal du Midi Aboard Hotel Barge Anjodi

Barge trips in France that take you along the tranquil waterways of the historic Canal du Midi afford guests a inimitable and memorable experience, with the opportunity to soak up the history, culture, landscape and cuisine of this stunning region of southwest France.

Cruising between Marseillan and Le Somail, the magnificent Dutch-style barge Anjodi is the perfect vessel on which to enjoy a leisurely exploration of this historic UNESCO World Heritage Site. As the Anjodi gently cuts its way through the tranquil waters of the 330-year-
old Canal du Midi, you’ll pass centuries-old villages, the relics of Roman fortifications and picturesque rolling vineyards.

As guests aboard the 8-berth Anjodi, you can relax on the deck as the vessel meanders through the waterway, or cycle or walk along the well-kept tow paths, enjoying complete immersion in this most beautiful of landscapes with its distant Pyrenees backdrop.

All our barge trips in France include a superb itinerary of guided tours, and at various places along the route guests can alight and explore the culture and authentic life of the local villages, take guided tours of chateaux and the vineyards of the Languedoc, and wander around ancient historic sites.

Aboard the Anjodi you’ll be treated to the attentive service of a wonderful crew as you relax on the deck or spa pool, dine on fine gourmet cuisine created from locally sourced ingredients in the beautiful saloon, and enjoy the luxury of your first class accommodation. There’s no better way to discover the many delights of the Canal du Midi than on this charming traditional vessel.

European Waterways’ cruises through the Canal du Midi deliver the magic of river cruising in style, with a focus on providing memories that last a lifetime. Our barge trips in France offer so much for aficionados of history, nature, culture, gourmet food, fine wine and general
lovers of life. Join us!

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