What is Munro Bagging? Find out on a Scottish Cruise!

Scotland is an incredibly gorgeous country, filled with landscapes and views that are sure to impress even the worldliest traveller. However, perhaps the most breath-taking sights are the Munros, a series of imposing mountains that exceed 914.4 metres, and the best way to discover them? Aboard a Scottish Cruise…

Hillside Views on Scottish Cruise

The History

Scotland’s Munros are named after Sir Hugh T Munro, the man who surveyed and catalogued them in 1891. There are 282 peaks in total, the highest being Ben Nevis, which comes in at a staggering 1,345 metres. However, this isn’t usually considered the most challenging to master – that title goes to either the twelve peaks of the Black Cuillin or the Aonach Eagach.

Munro Bagging on a Scottish Cruise

Munro bagging is an increasingly popular pastime in which people try to climb each and every one of the peaks. It may seem impossible but, somehow, over 6,000 people have done it so far (although the world record goes to Stephen Pyke, who completed this feat in just over 39 days). Whether you want to steal his title or would just like to have a single Munro climb under your belt, an ideal way to do so is while on a Scottish cruise with us.

We recommend putting together a group of keen hikers who also want to give this pastime a go and hiring one of our Hotel Barge Charters (our top vessels for this are the Scottish Highlander and the Spirit of Scotland). You can then use these boats as a base while you and the rest of your group focus on the task at hand: Munro bagging! We will bring you directly to some of our favourite mountains – plus, travelling by hotel barge makes for a pleasant journey. You’ll be able to relax as you float past stunning natural beauty. It really is the ideal way to rest up for or wind down after a hike.

Whether Munro bagging has been on your bucket list for years or this is the first time you’ve heard of it, we sincerely recommend you join us on a Scottish cruise to try this fantastic activity for yourself.

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