Chef's Recipe - Venetian Grilled Octopus

Our talented Chef Andrea uses typical Venetian produce for a very delicious recipe: Grilled Octopus from the Adriatic Sea paired with artichokes grown in Sant’Erasmo island & succulent roasted pumpkin. A tasty and appetizing main course and a real delight to the palate aboard our Italian Barge La Bella Vita!

Grilled Octopus - Chef Andrea

Ingredients (Serves 4)

1 Large Octopus ( 1KG) 

4 Artichokes

400g Pumpkin

3 Tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil 

125ml White Wine 

A mix of herbs; Rosemary, Sage, Thyme, Basil & Marjoram 

4 Cloves of Garlic 

Grilled Octopus - Octopus


  1. Clean the octopus, cut the head and remove the part inside the fish, cut the remaining in 4 portions of 2 tentacles each.
  2. Wash them very well in fresh water, drain them with kitchen paper.
  3. Wrap the octopus in a sous-vide bag with 1 clove of garlic and a little bit of herbs. Cook the fish into a slow cooker for 8 hours at 72° C. Alternatively, boil the octopus with the same ingredients until it becomes tender.
  4. Preparing the artichokes: remove the first leaves and cut in to 4 wedges, store them in sparkling water to preserve vegetables from oxidation.
  5. Braise the artichokes for 15 minutes with a clove of garlic, white wine, olive oil and the herbs, add water if it is necessary.
  6. Peel the pumpkin, cut into large, regular pieces, place it on a plate and season with salt, black pepper, olive oil. Cook in microwave for 6 minutes at 450W.
  7. Now it is the moment to combine all the ingredients! In a large hot pan add 2 tbs of olive oil, one clove of garlic and fry until it becomes brown, remove it and add the octopus cut in small pieces.  Add the artichokes wedges and cook for few minutes and wait for the octopus to become crispy.
  8. Serve the grilled octopus and artichoke wedges hot with roasted pumpkin and a drop of olive oil.

Buon Appetito!!!

Grilled Octopus - Octopus & Pumpkin

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