Valuable Packing Tips for European Canal Cruises

Whether you’re new to them or you’ve been on dozens of European canal cruises, there’s no feeling quite like that excitement as you begin to prepare for the trip. There is only one exception to that: packing! Even if you’re a seasoned voyager on the waterways, it can still be quite a headache deciding what needs to come with you and what can be safely left at home. Below are a few great tips to make packing for your future European canal cruises as simple and easy as a cruise down the river…

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Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

This isn’t about those formal dress shoes that you’ve been looking forward to wearing. In fact, the casual feel of European canal cruises means that you won’t need to dress up if you don’t want to at all. However, walking shoes are a must. It can be slippery between land and boat and wearing something hardy and comfortable is a good way to stay safe. Plus, comfort is the number one rule when rambling around the countryside or exploring a charming European village or city.


A nice set of swimwear is a useful thing to bring along for sunbathing on deck. Not only is sunbathing a nice way to spend a sunny afternoon, but swimwear takes up next to no room in the luggage. There may even be a place to take a dip along the cruise, so check the itinerary.

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Space for Souvenirs

It might sound a bit presumptuous, but there’s sure to be a keepsake, a local delicacy or a gift for friends that you just have to take home with you. With this in mind it is worth leaving space in the case so that there’s room for a present or two (as long as you make sure you pack enough clothes with each day in mind).

For When it Rains

Another thing to bear in mind is to leave enough room in your case for that all important waterproof. It doesn’t have to be a big, thick oiled coat if you’re heading off in summer or autumn, but it does need to be waterproof! There are several pack-away options available if you do your research

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Packed and Ready

If you follow the advice above then you’ll be off to a great start when packing for European canal cruises. Being ready and sure that you’ve got everything you need means that you can relax before you’ve even got there. There is nothing quite like seeing this amazing country from the water, and avoiding the stress and hassle before you leave makes it even sweeter.

To get the most out of European canal cruises, it’s definitely well-worth seeking out a reputable tour company to take the hassle out of the barging experience. It gives you such peace of mind to be with a company that knows the waterways and is as passionate about them as you are.

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