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Are you interested in trying our barge tours? France is the perfect destination to get your feet wet (although not literally) and see for yourself why so many people are taking up the idea of cruising the canals and waterways of Europe. Barge tours in France, Holland, Italy and the UK come in all different shapes and forms, but classic cruises are the perfect introduction – guaranteed to have you coming back year after year.

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Why Classic Cruises

Our cruise teams have designed the “Classic Cruise” to allow guests the opportunity to explore the myriad aspects of the region their vessel takes them through. Your Captain and their crew will glide you safely and smoothly through the canals, illuminate the history of the area and answer any questions you may have along the way. In short, they are there to make your life a pleasure!

Not only will the canal you travel along have its own unique history, the vessel you are aboard will too. No two barges are the same and each one has its own custom-designed interior and back-story.

When planning barge tours, France is certainly one of the most popular destinations due, in part, to the amount of attractions and sites one can visit while on the cruises. On a classic cruise, you will have a tour guide to take you on daily excursions to visit the best of these.

The waterways selected by operators ensure that guests have ample opportunity to exit the vessel and enjoy more active pursuits such as walking and cycling. In fact, many barges will store bicycles on board for the use of guests.

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Hotel Barge Renaissance

A prime of example of a classic barging vessel is the lovely Renaissance. It is an ultra deluxe vessel that can accommodate up to eight guests. With an elegant contemporary dining area and salon, bar, sun deck with comfortable loungers, and hot tub. Hotel barge Renaissance Etoile leaves guests wondering why they waited so long to acquaint themselves with barge tours in France!

On top of that, Renaissance comes fully staffed with an attentive crew of 5, including an experienced Captain, master chef, tour guide and two hosts/deck hands.

While there are so many different locations for classic barge tours, France is simply a cut above the rest. With its elegant vessels, spectacular scenery and exquisite cuisine it is the perfect destination for a getaway you will never forget.

The village of Montbouy on the Canal de Briare

Hotel Barge Tours in France

Our hotel barge tours in France offer a relaxing way to visit the best regions of this wonderful country.  For more information, speak to a member of our Cruise Teams via our Contact Form, or order your free copy of our brochure by clicking here >

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