Video: The Delightful 13th Century Château de Ratilly with its Spectacular Selection of Turreted Towers

Guests who cruise aboard luxury hotel barge Renaissance enjoy an excursion to the beautiful Château de Ratilly and its permanent collection of local stoneware dating from the sixteenth to the twentieth centuries. In the castle’s workshops, we see traditional pottery being made and learn about this artisanal craft for ourselves.

With origins in the 11th century, the Château de Ratilly as we see it today was built on existing foundations in the 13th century. Today Ratilly is a creative centre for the arts and a pottery workshop, continuing a local tradition which has existed since the Roman occupation of France. The château was transformed into a fine residence during the Renaissance when many of its defences were no longer needed. Arrow slits were opened into large windows and some of the towers were developed for other purposes. Read more about Château de Ratilly here >>

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