The Hotel Barging Experience: As Told By Our Guests

Our delightful barge cruises in Europe gently introduce you to magnificent scenery, fascinating history and local culture in a variety of interesting locations. For those looking to undertake this wonderful experience, there’s a world of choice for a barge cruise: France, Italy, the spectacular Scottish Highlands – there are so many places that are just begging to be explored from the water.

Even by just looking through our brochures and website, it’s really not hard to see why so many people fall in love with this memorable, relaxed and authentic way to travel. But there’s nobody that can better extol the virtues of a barge holiday (France, Scotland, Italy or anywhere else!) than the people who have actually been on one themselves.

What Our Customers Say

The whole trip is luxurious

It’s like a dream world…

Very peaceful and relaxing…

Best way of seeing France…

Everyone should do this at least once in their life…

Very, very special…

True value for money…

These direct quotes from some of our wonderful customers really encapsulate the thoughts and words of so many that have been touched by this unforgettable holiday experience. The overarching impression is not only of the wonderful scenery, ambience and hospitality, but also the care and attention to detail from the very first moment they step on board one of our floating hotels.

They Love Their First Impressions

The warm welcome and meeting the captain of the vessel really rates highly among clients, who comment on the value and pleasure of not only feeling that he’s like an old friend within a very short time, but also on hearing his history of the vessel about to be their home-from-home.

No matter where they’ve booked their barge cruise – France, Italy, Scotland or anywhere else – our customers’ first impression of the vessel is invariably one of absolute delight, particularly for first-timers. The immaculate facilities, gorgeous dining rooms and common spaces and, of course, wonderful cabins, truly make them feel comfortable and pampered from the word go.

They Love Our Cuisine

The opportunity to enjoy high-class cuisine, authentic to the local region, is one of our customers’ top priorities – and they are not disappointed! They love the anticipation of every meal, particularly in the evening. As they say, it’s like being in the environment of an expensive restaurant, but it’s so much more intimate. The presentation, ambience and presence of the chef, who comes out to explain the menu prior to dining, come together to create a truly unique gastronomic experience. The wines, too, make a very popular mention with guests – and as one of them puts it:

Your wine glass will never go dry!

They Love the Experience

On board, you’re always accompanied and pampered by an attentive crew, so you can be sure you’ll want for nothing. Guests love the morning briefing on the day’s itinerary, so they can choose (or not!) to go cycling, walking or on a range of excellent excursions to historical and cultural attractions in the regions through which they’re travelling.

Many people comment on the thoughtful choices for excursions on their barge holiday. France, for example, has some really enjoyable things to do including visits to vineyards, gorgeous chateaux and small out-of-the-way villages. You can also look forward to other unusual experiences like travelling through pitch-black tunnels and the incredible feat of French engineering in the waterways’ lifts. As one guest notes:

You don’t just sit around! There’s always something to do.

The most common praise from people is that the slow, relaxed pace allows them to genuinely experience the local life of these places, without the stress of driving or having to navigate in an unfamiliar country.

Meeting like minded people and being able to come together at the end of the day to chat, eat, drink and socialise is another favourite aspect. Clients have said it’s just like sitting around chatting to family and friends.

Listen to What Our Guests Have to Say

We invite you to watch this video and see what some happy people have to say about their barge cruise. France, Italy, Scotland and all our other destinations really are seen at their best when enjoyed in this wonderfully relaxed way.

We offer the perfect opportunity to discover the very soul of each visited region. You’ll take in the wonderful countryside, learn about historical treasures and meet many friendly people every step of the way. Far removed from the hustle and bustle of city life, hotel barge voyages allow you to travel in luxury without the strains of packing and unpacking, whilst enjoying a balanced blend of daily excursions and fascinating cruising. Live in ultimate luxury on our vessels, take part in tailor-made excursions and enjoy the very finest local cuisine.

So many of our guests book a second cruise and even more, because once you’ve done one it’s a highly addictive way to travel! So you don’t have to take our word for it, because we think they say it best…


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