Mark's Mince Pies - A Recipe

A modern twist on a festive favourite, involving a unique blend of Cointreau and almonds, leave them out for Santa or save them for Christmas Day, either way they won’t stay around long!

An old family recipe from our very own Sales and Reservations Manager Mark Robinson, he says “the liqueur and the ginger combine to give the pies a real zing, the perfect accompaniment to a glass of something special.”



225g butter

1 egg

350g plain flour

32g icing sugar

100g golden caster sugar

300g mincemeat

Crushed almonds

Glace Cherries

Crystallised Ginger

A good slosh of Cointreau


For the pastry, rub 225g of diced butter into 350g plain flour and add the golden caster sugar. Shape it into a ball and knead briefly, it should be relatively firm in its consistency and ready to use now or refrigerate for later.

Preheat the oven to 200c/gas mark 6, line 18 holes of two 12 hole patty tins with a small ball of pastry in each.

Mix the mincemeat with the ginger, cherry, almonds and Cointreau and add into the lined tins.

With the remaining pastry, fashion round lids to cover over the mincemeat and gently seal them together with the existing pastry lining.

Beat the egg and brush over the tops of the pies to ensure a moist finish, bake for 20 minutes untl golden and then dust with a small amount of icing sugar, voila!


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