Our Brand New Vessel: Finesse

Gliding along a European canal, passing vineyards, villages, historic towns as that unparalleled feeling of calm and quietude almost overwhelms you… By now, you surely understand the appeal of a holiday aboard one of our hotel barges.

Finesse is currently in the process of being commissioned, and you’ll have the chance to board this magnificent vessel from May 2016. After being expertly crafted, she’ll be inspected by us with our uncompromising eye for detail so that we can offer one of the most luxurious and spacious hotel barges available anywhere. A long, majestic barge with an expansive sundeck and a double-decker layout, everything about her design is carefully chosen to give the feeling of space without compromising on comfort.
You and your party will be put up in four luxurious, roomy suites, sleeping two passengers each. Wake up from a soothing night’s rest and wander to the saloon, where the port and starboard walls have panoramic windows, bringing you as close to the surrounding scenery as possible. For those relaxed outdoor afternoons you’ll be able to relax on deck, where you can spend a few hours enjoying a glass of wine and watching the world go by, or even take a dip in the spa pool.


Finesse Spa Pool


We’re especially proud of the Finesse’s demonstration galley: as you may know, all of our cruises are attended by a highly skilled personal chef, and you can expect an accordingly high standard of food. On board the Finesse, however, not only will you be able to enjoy the fruits of your chef’s labour, but you’ll also be able to watch him in action as he masterfully prepares gourmet meals for you and your fellow passengers. There are few greater pleasures than lounging in your saloon, surrounded by good company and with unforgettable views gliding past on either side, watching the work of a gastronomic artist.


Finesse Demo Galley
Whether you’re looking to try hotel barge cruising for the first time or whether you already have fond memories of previous hotel barge cruises, this is a wonderful opportunity to be one of the first to cruise aboard a splendid vessel.

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